The Token Economy of the Zones Ecosystem

Combining traditional workspace infrastructure with decentralized technologies and a robust token economy to empower organizations with a safe and seamless digital asset strategy.

by Decentranaut

The Zones Ecosystem redefines traditional software-as-a-service by embracing a hybrid philosophy of using centralized enterprise solutions with decentralized technologies to enhance workflow efficiency. By implementing safe and simple blockchain features into a traditional and practical workspace platform, Zones are built to empower organizations by abstracting the dynamic nature of decentralization and tokenization.

Token Ecomony of the Zones Ecosystem

Decentralized Digital Workspaces

Zones are hybrid digital workspaces that blend the best of centralized and decentralized technologies. The Zones ecosystem boasts decentralization in the sense that organizations have full data sovereignty. Zone owners have complete control of all users, content, data, processes, and more.

Digital Workspace Solutions for Organizations of all Shapes and Sizes

Utilized as a central workspace for teams to manage tasks and collaborate, Zones are tailored to meet the diverse needs and processes for a variety of organizations. Zones can be customized with various on-chain and off-chain features dedicated to maximizing user efficiency, cutting various cost factors, incentivizing growth, boosting security and sovereignty for the system and data.

Zones Solutions

The Zones Ecosystem has three dynamic solutions:

Enterprise Zones: A sovereign, premise-based business solutions system and enterprise resource platform (ERP) designed for medium to large organizations.

Standard Zones: A cloud-hybrid digital workspace solution and Client Relationship Management (CRM) platform designed for SMEs, startups, and remote teams.

Utility Zones: A project and community management solution and dApp-chain utility platform designed for web3 teams, communities, and individuals.

Zones’ Universal Workspace Features

 Custom workflows   Efficiency monitoring    Collaborative spaces
 Task management   Account management   Third-party integrations

Decentralized Digital Assets

The economic backbone of Zones is supported by two key digital assets, LSX and HAMP, which facilitate a range of activities within the ecosystem. Activating a Zone hinges on the strategic use of the LSX token, serving as the key to unlocking the full potential of the ecosystem.

 Activation   Bonding    Liquidity   Governance   Rev Share



LSX Smart Token

LSX, an ISO 20022 compliant smart token, is the primary utility token for the Zones ecosystem, facilitating transactions, governance, and incentive mechanisms within each Zone. LSX powers the Zones ecosystem and determines rewarding HAMP rewards.


Total Supply: Dynamically adjusted based on activity and contributions

Circulating Supply: Regularly adjusted in response to ecosystem activities

Initial Price: Approximately $1.00 per LSX


HAMP Smart Token

HAMP is a hybrid on-chain / off-chain reward token that tracks pre-determined valuable user activities throughout a Zone, generating productivity reports and KPMs for Zone leadership, while rewarding LSX to Zone users.


Total Supply: Unlimited – regulated by Zone activity and generated from bonding LSX

Swap Rate: 100:1 HAMP to LSX – dynamic auto-swap ratio

Monthly Cap: Determined based on Zone’s LSX holdings – maintains price stability for LSX

Introducing the Effector Protocol (LSE)

Implementing the Effector Protocol (LSE) into the Zones token economy marks a significant evolution for Lunarspace and for IBC. Destined to broaden the economic landscape of the token economy of the Zones ecosystem through strategic integrations with Archway, Astrovault, and particularly within our Utility Zones.

Built on Archway, LSE is set to amplify the utility and economic dynamism of Zones, fostering deeper engagement and opening new avenues for value creation and exchange.

LSE Effects on Utility Zones

The injection of LSE into the Zones economy, facilitated by partnerships with Archway and Astrovault, and realized within Utility Zones, enriches the Lunarspace ecosystem with more complex economic interactions and opportunities. This strategic expansion not only diversifies the ways in which users can engage with and benefit from Zones but also cements Lunarspace’s position as a pioneering platform in the decentralized workspace domain.

Governance and Revenue Sharing

LSE holders within Utility Zones can wield influence over key decisions and share in the revenues generated by the ecosystem, promoting a vested interest in the growth and success of Zones.

Enhancing Zone Efficiency

By bonding LSE, users can boost the efficiency of Zones, increasing the generation of HAMP and LSX, and thereby enhancing the rewards and incentives structure within the ecosystem.

Liquidity and Arbitrage Opportunities

The introduction of LSE into Utility Zones brings new dimensions to market making and arbitrage, leveraging a variety of IBC protocols to create a vibrant marketplace that benefits all participants.

IBC and Cross-Chain Utilities

With LSE’s IBC compatibility, Utility Zones become a nexus for cross-chain interactions, expanding the scope and utility of Zones beyond the Lunarspace ecosystem and into the broader blockchain network.

Launching $LSE on Outbid

Lunarspace is thrilled to announce the Effector (LSE) protocol will be the first project to launch on Astrovault’s Outbid, a cutting-edge token auction platform, offering an exciting opportunity for wider community engagement and support for LSE’s journey in enriching the Zones experience and bridging connections across the blockchain space.

More details will be made available in the coming days. Be on the lookout for more announcements as we get closer and closer to the launch of the Zones Ecosystem!

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