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Robust, industry-specific ERP and CRM technologies tailored to solve pain-points across multiple enterprise sectors.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Transform your core business processes with our customizable ERP solutions that streamline operations, enhance data accuracy, and integrate seamlessly across departments.

Automation  |  Efficiency  |  Integration


Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Elevate client interactions with our dynamic CRM systems, designed to optimize customer relationships through detailed analytics and personalized communication tools.

Engagement  |  Analytics  |  Support


Locally Hosted Servers

Ensure maximum data security and operational uptime with locally hosted servers that provide complete control over your infrastructure and sensitive information.

Security  |  Control  |  Reliability


Third-Party Integrations

Expand your capabilities with our open API technology, allowing seamless integrations with major platforms like Microsoft Office 365 and HubSpot to enhance functionality and workflow continuity.

Compatibility  |  Flexibility  |  Expansion


Workflow Process Mapping

Custom-design your workflow processes to fit unique business needs, improving efficiency and productivity with tailored mapping and automation strategies.

Tailored Solutions  |  Process Efficiency


Advanced Data Analytics

Leverage advanced data analytics tools to extract valuable insights from your business data, aiding strategic decision-making and providing a competitive edge in your industry.

Insights  |  Decision-Making  |  Strategy


Work-to-Earn Rewards

Set operational goals for your Zone, take advantage of dynamic user KPMs, and reward your team for their hard work.


LSX Smart Tokens

 Rewards User Activity
 Dynamic User KPMs
Custom User Milestones
 Powers Internal Feedback
 Activate Blockchain Features

Want LSX? Join Zones  


Effector Protocol

Designed to enhance the Work-to-Earn Protocol and augment Zones by enabling cross-chain interactions with the Effector (LSE) multi-purpose utility token.


Effector $LSE

 Boost LSX Redemptions
Prioritized LSX Minting
 Increase Treasury APR
LSX Arbitrage and LPs
 Activate Cross-Chain Utility

You don’t need a Zone to use $LSE  


Docs & Resources


Work-to-Earn Protocol

Get familiar with Zones’ LSX and HAMP smart tokens.

Read the Whitepaper here   


Effector Protocol

Discover the utilities of the Effector Protocol and the Effector (LSE) token.

Read the Whitepaper here   


Lunarspace Briefings

Stay up to date with news and updates from the Lunarspace team.

Read our recent updates here   


Safety, Security, and Compliancy

ISO 20022 Compliance

At Lunarspace, we take data security and compliance seriously. We are proud to announce that Zones is ISO 20022 certified, ensuring the highest standards of data exchange and messaging in the financial industry. This certification signifies our commitment to maintaining secure and standardized processes across our platform, guaranteeing that your financial transactions and data are handled with the utmost precision and security. Our solutions are meticulously constructed to adhere to the ever-changing standards of the financial sector, boasting congruency with ISO 20022 compliancy, underscoring our dedication to upholding the highest levels of data exchange and financial messaging standards.

Real-Time Web3 Security

Combatting Fraud in the Digital Landscape: Employing cutting-edge, real-time solutions, we actively combat fraudulent activities within the digital currency sphere. Our system is meticulously designed to detect and thwart these threats, thereby protecting the integrity and security of your Bonding Pools.

Proactive Threat Defense: Our platform features robust, real-time defenses against the evolving threats in both decentralized and centralized networks. With self-protection capabilities at its core, Lunarspace’s mission is to fortify your operations against cybercriminals, ensuring the security of your digital assets and transactions.


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