Customizable Business Platform with Cutting-Edge Technology

Discover Zones™, the revolutionary enterprise solutions ecosystem powered by blockchain and web3 technology. Reimagine operational efficiency, customized processes, and data security for your business in the digital age.


Zones can be fully customized to your business operations or you can choose from pre-existing templates. Lunarspace works directly with you to ensure the best quality platform and processes for you to run your business on a daily basis.

Customized Processes

Tailor your Zone to your unique business needs, optimizing operations and streamlining workflow.


Enterprise-grade security and 3FA blockchain authentication ensures your data and ecosystem are always protected.

Data Ownership

Cut out third-party big data sellers and retain full control and ownership of your valuable business data.


Earn stable and secure cryptocurrency rewards for participating in the Zones ecosystem. Easily lock these rewards in your Zone Bonding Pool to earn APY to do things like reward employees, pay for the platform, or trade on the open market.

Open market trading is coming soon – subscribe to our newsletter or follow our socials for updates.

Interested in Learning More?

Zones is explicitly designed to simplify and abstract blockchain interactions to the end user.


While Zones is powered by innovative new tools and technology, it still remains an extremely robust and efficient working platform. There are plenty of reasons to purchase Zones for your daily workflow:

  • Secure Data Storage: Your data is stored securely, protected from breaches and tampering.
  • Unlimited Scalability: Zones eliminates per-seat costs, allowing for unlimited team access.
  • Streamlined Communications: Enhanced communication tools facilitate seamless collaboration.
  • Client/Partner Portals: Create customized portals for clients or partners to access information and collaborate effectively.
  • Wide Range of Integrations: Connect with various third-party tools and services through open APIs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive interface ensures easy navigation and minimal training requirements.
  • Dynamic Reward System: Motivate and reward employees for valuable contributions through incentivization systems.
  • Dynamic Leaderboards: Encourage competition and recognize top performers with real-time leaderboards.
  • Custom Workflows: Tailor workflows to your organization’s unique needs for more efficient operations.
  • Advanced Key Performance Metrics (KPMs): Gain deep insights into your business with advanced KPM tracking and reporting.


We customize your Zone to fit your company’s specific needs. We have three versions of Zones based on your necessary processes and operations for daily workflow. Pricing varies dynamically – contact sales for a quote.

Enterprise Zones

The Full Suite of Possibilities

  • Comprehensive CRM and ERP solutions
  • Extensive web2 and web3 capabilities
  • Enhanced data security and sovereignty
  • Robust data management
  • Streamlined operations
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Integration with digital assets

Professional Zones

Simplify and Streamline

  • Focused CRM platform with web3 capabilities
  • Improved data security and sovereignty
  • Streamlined operations
  • Integration with digital assets
  • Ideal for growth-focused businesses

Lite Zones

Start Your Web3 Journey

  • Minimalistic yet powerful
  • Begin using digital assets
  • Seamless integration into existing environments
  • Open API capabilities
  • Your starting point in the world of web3


At Lunarspace, we take data security and compliance seriously. We are proud to announce that Zones is ISO 20022 certified, ensuring the highest standards of data exchange and messaging in the financial industry. This certification signifies our commitment to maintaining secure and standardized processes across our platform, guaranteeing that your financial transactions and data are handled with the utmost precision and security. Rest easy, knowing that Zones adheres to the industry’s most rigorous international standards, providing you with a trusted and reliable ecosystem for your business operations.