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Lunarspace is officially #BuildingOnCoreum

We are building Smart Tokens on the Coreum Network to reward users for their valuable interactions within the ZONES platform.

Development Roadmap

Out of 170 applicants, Lunarspace was 1 of 5 grantees selected by the Coreum Foundation to build Smart Tokens on their network.

The Lunarspace development team started building the foundational framework for the $LSX smart token. This included four separate smart tokens/contracts: the $LSX smart token, the vault contract, the exchange contract, and the minting contract.

Deploying the $LSX contracts onto the Coreum Network’s testnet went without issue thanks to our stellar team.

The Lunarspace development team started to build the rails for the Human Activity Mining Protocol (HAMP). This includes two more smart tokens/contracts: the $HAMP smart token and the Zone factory contract. This also includes API development into our backend where HAMP is generated and reported.


A robust and customizable CRM platform that earns rewards as your employees work.

Inspire your team with dynamic leaderboards and enticing reward protocols. Experience unparalleled efficiency and growth through streamlined operations, customizable workflows, and enhanced data security – all within your own custom platform.

Earning Opportunities

We use blockchain technology to provide organizations with a customized work-to-earn reward protocol that organizations can utilize including cash-out for employee bonuses or pay for the platform.



Human Activity Mining Protocol (HAMP)

Elevate team performance with our in-platform points system, valuing and incentivizing meaningful contributions.


Lunarspace ($LSX)

Drive engagement and growth with $LSX tokens, fueling operational excellence in managing your business.


Coreum Network ($COREUM)

Bonding $LSX and $COREUM for APR rewards powered by Coreum’s smart token technology.


Space & Time

Embrace decentralized, tamper-proof data solutions, ensuring security, accessibility, and efficiency in the digital era.


Juno Network ($JUNO)

Scale your business with our Juno smart contracts, enabling low-cost on-chain interactions through SBTs and ZONES Launchpad.


Keplr Wallet

Seamlessly manage $LSX, $COREUM, and $JUNO tokens, engage in HAMP governance, and access the ZONES platform securely.