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Providing comprehensive blockchain, dSaaS, and SaaS solutions to enhance business operations with a hybrid of web3 and web2 technologies.

Mission and Vision

Lunarspace Inc.® is a pioneering SaaS and dSaaS provider, specializing in custom software development for an evolving digital era. We leverage cutting-edge blockchain technology to enhance enterprise operations, offering integrated solutions in decentralized storage, seamless communications, and robust computing. Our mission is to revolutionize business workflows, marrying the best of web2 and web3 technologies to drive efficiency, innovation, and growth for businesses globally.

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A robust and customizable organizational utility platform that earns rewards as you work.



Seamless Integration:

Quick API connections, customized processes, and automated workflows

Dynamic Collaboration:

Interactive client and team portals with robust communication tools and file-sharing

Operational Efficiency:

Run your business on a next-gen platform that eliminates per-seat costs and team inefficiencies

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Token Power:

ISO 20022 compliant LSX and HAMP for rewards and operations

Secure & Earn:

Stake your rewards in your LSX Zones Bonding Pools for dynamic APY

Innovative Security:

Robust 3FA token-gated user authentication for maximum platform safety

Become a Founders Zone


We use smart token and privacy token technology to provide organizations with a safe and stable, customized, work-to-earn reward protocol that derives value from your team’s efficiency.


Docs & Resources

Zones Ecosystem


Get familiar with the technical architecture of the Zones Ecosystem.

LSX Smart Token


Get familiar with the tokenomics and utilities of the LSX smart token.

Bonding LSX


Learn how bonding LSX gives value to HAMP and secures the ecosystem.


Blog Series

Stay up to date with news and updates from the Lunarspace team.


TSS Policy: the Trinity of Safety and Security

ISO 20022 Compliance

At Lunarspace, we take data security and compliance seriously. We are proud to announce that Zones is ISO 20022 certified, ensuring the highest standards of data exchange and messaging in the financial industry. This certification signifies our commitment to maintaining secure and standardized processes across our platform, guaranteeing that your financial transactions and data are handled with the utmost precision and security. Rest easy, knowing that Zones adheres to the industry’s most rigorous international standards, providing you with a trusted and reliable ecosystem for your business operations. Our Bonding Zones are meticulously constructed on the Coreum blockchain, adhering to ISO 20022 standards. This compliance underscores our dedication to upholding the highest levels of data exchange and financial messaging standards. We prioritize secure, standardized processes, ensuring that all financial transactions and data within our ecosystem are managed with exceptional accuracy and security.

Real-Time Web3 Security

Combatting Fraud in the Digital Landscape: Employing cutting-edge, real-time solutions, we actively combat fraudulent activities within the digital currency sphere. Our system is meticulously designed to detect and thwart these threats, thereby protecting the integrity and security of your Bonding Pools.

Proactive Crypto Threat Defense: Our platform features robust, real-time defenses against the evolving threats in the crypto world. With self-protection capabilities at its core, Lunarspace’s mission is to fortify your operations against cybercriminals, ensuring the security of your digital assets and transactions.

Bonding Pool Insurance

Insurance Objectives for Bonding Pools: At Lunarspace, we are unwaveringly committed to a ‘Trinity’ of Safety & Security. We are in active pursuit of developing a comprehensive insurance policy for assets stored within our ecosystem. Our goal is to achieve a level of financial protection akin to an “FDIC” coverage, offering peace of mind and security to our stakeholders by safeguarding their investments within the financial ecosystem.


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