Q1 Wrap-Up: Launching the LSX Smart Token and ‘Create Your Own DAO’ Toolkit with Utility Zones

Lunarspace is pleased to announce the successful launch of LSX and HAMP smart tokens on Coreum mainnet.

by Decentranaut

This achievement marks a pivotal moment, as we prepare for the launch of our long-awaited Utility Zones, where you can create your own DAO, manage your team, track your activities, organize your operations, and collaborate with others. We extend our gratitude to both the community and the Coreum team for their unwavering support, patience, and collaboration in reaching this milestone.

We’re excited to pioneer this new era in blockchain utility with the community, redefining workflow management platforms by introducing abstract blockchain tools to enhance the overall experience for everyday work process and task management; and this is only the beginning.

Lunarspace LSX Zones

LSX and HAMP: Work-to-Earn Protocol

LSX and HAMP are smart tokens, built to enhance the user experience of the Zones ecosystem and provide safe and stable digital assets to businesses using the platform. The “Work-to-Earn” Protocol, enabled by these tokens, offers businesses dynamic performance tracking KPMs for their Zone, alongside rewards and incentives for the team, thus fostering a productive and engaged work environment.

Watch the video below to understand how LSX and HAMP work within Zones.

LSX Token

LSX stands out as a pseudo-stablecoin, featuring a dynamic minting cap that enables unique arbitrage opportunities, adding an exciting layer of financial innovation to the Zones ecosystem.

— Liquidity Provision: LSX is bonded by users to activate Zones and contribute to the overall ecosystem’s liquidity.

— Governance: LSX holders can participate in governance processes for Zones they’re given access to.

— Value Capture: Zones can use LSX to increase HAMP generation or LSX generation, incentivizing productivity.

— Market Making & Arbitrage: The pseudo-stable nature of LSX provides market-making and arbitrage opportunities.

HAMP Token

The dynamic counterpart to LSX, HAMP is engineered to reward user contributions and engagement actively. It’s the fuel that powers the vibrant activity within our Zones, encapsulating the essence of “work-to-earn”.

— Reward System: Users are rewarded with HAMP for contributions and activities within Zones.

— Distribution: Continuously minted as users perform valuable actions within Zones, ensuring a consistent flow of rewards.

— Conversion: HAMP can be burned to mint LSX, linking user contributions to tangible value within the Zones ecosystem.

— Inflation Control: The minting rate is dynamically capped, dependent on a Zone’s LSX holdings, to prevent excessive inflation and ensure sustainability.

Combined Impact of HAMP and LSX

— Incentivization: HAMP directly rewards user contributions, promoting active participation and value creation within Zones.

— Stability and Governance: LSX offers a stable representation of value derived from HAMP activities, allowing for effective internal economy management, participation in ecosystem governance, and bonding practices.

Building Smart Tokens on Coreum

Coreum provides a robust set of smart token functionalities that empower LSX and HAMP to operate seamlessly within the Zones ecosystem. Here’s how LSX and HAMP utilize these capabilities:

— Issuance: Coreum facilitates efficient and secure token creation for LSX and HAMP, ensuring smooth distribution and utilization.

— Access Control List (ACL): LSX and HAMP tokens utilize Coreum’s ACL feature for precise access control, enabling authorized participation in governance and liquidity provision. For example, this allows specific users to participate in governance votes or access liquidity pools based on their roles within a Zone, enhancing security and governance efficiency.

— Burning and Freezing: Coreum’s burning and freezing capabilities allow controlled reduction or suspension of LSX and HAMP tokens, ensuring stability and integrity.

— Whitelisting and Blacklisting: LSX and HAMP tokens enforce compliance and prevent fraudulent activities using Coreum’s whitelisting and blacklisting features.

— Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) Compatibility: Coreum’s IBC compatibility enables LSX tokens to interact seamlessly with other blockchain networks, expanding their utility and reach.

— Smart Contract Integration: LSX and HAMP tokens integrate with Coreum’s smart contracts, enabling programmable and automated functionalities such as reward distribution and governance voting.

— ISO 20022 Compatibility: Coreum’s smart tokens adhere to global financial messaging standards, enabling LSX and HAMP to interface with traditional financial systems and adopt best practices in transaction messaging, enhancing interoperability and adoption potential.

Utilizing LSX and HAMP

These utility tokens can only come into existence through the Zones ecosystem. Rather than trading on the open market, LSX and HAMP are used to provide businesses with dynamic KPMs and decentralized digital treasuries, enhancing workflow efficiency and providing valued usage incentives.

Zone Activation Process

— Enterprise Zones: In Enterprise Zones, the activation of LSX and HAMP involves a comprehensive process, including funding the Zones Bonding Pool, implementing the work-to-earn HAMP protocol, and adhering to the prescribed tokenomics and Bonding Zone requirements. This initial investment ensures robust liquidity provision, economic activity, and reward incentives within the Zone, thereby maximizing the benefits of LSX and HAMP for large organizations.

— Standard Zones: Activation in Standard Zones is more streamlined, with users downloading the cloud-based application and activating LSX and HAMP according to the predefined tokenomics and Bonding Zone specifications. This simplified process enables rapid deployment and accessibility for smaller teams or remote work environments, democratizing access to the Zones ecosystem.

Utilization and Economic Impact

— LSX and HAMP Integration: Once activated, LSX and HAMP play a pivotal role in Enterprise, Standard, and Utility Zones, serving as the backbone of the ecosystem’s economic activities. LSX provides liquidity, governance, and market-making opportunities, while HAMP encourages user engagement and productivity through rewards and incentives.

— Business Impact: The integration of LSX and HAMP brings significant economic benefits to businesses operating within Zones. By eliminating traditional per-seat residual monthly payments and introducing a decentralized treasury and vault, Zones minimize long-term costs and enable businesses to utilize asset-based business tools and operations as opposed to debt-based business tools and operations.

Utility Zones

The playground of innovation, Utility Zones are specialized dApps within the Zones ecosystem for web3-driven projects and communities to manage their operations in an organized and efficient platform. As stated above, create your own DAO, manage your team, track your activities, organize your operations, and collaborate with others.

Upon onboarding, each Utility Zone has base functionality:


IntraZone DAOs: Create your own DAO for your Zone.

Powered by your own, white-labeled HAMP tokens, Zone owners can enable internal governance for their project, protocol, or community endeavors within the IntraZone DAO and reward participants with HAMP or LSX.


OuterZone DAOs: Create your own DAO to interact outside of your Zone.

Powered by select IBC tokens, the OuterZone DAO enables Zone Owners and Admins to allow designated access to community members, partners, and anyone else to participate in governance activities and more within the Zone.


Privacy-as-a-Service (PaaS): Manage users and designate access for your Zone.

Utilizing soulbound tokens to secure user data and interactions across the Zones ecosystem, PaaS is built with private key storage and ZKPs to enable Zone Owners to ensure user data remains private and protected while interacting on-chain and within the Zone.


IBC Utility

As your project, community, or protocol grows, you will want your Utility Zone to grow. In addition to the base features mentioned above, your Zone will be consistently updated with new features and tools from different IBC-connected protocols.

Looking Forward: Beyond the Horizon

As we briefly celebrate this moment, our sights are firmly set on the horizon, where the promise of further innovation calls. The successful launch of LSX and HAMP on Coreum and development of our versatile Utility Zones have laid a strong foundation. Yet, the journey ahead is ripe with potential.

To commence the countdown to the launch of Zones, we’re excited to unveil new collaborations with a few popular utility-based IBC protocols…

Introducing a platform for projects, developers, community, members, and more to access to a variety of IBC utilities like decentralized storage, educational tools and resources, LPs with popular DEXs, and an innovative new DevZone. Utility Zones are primed to become a staple platform for individuals, and projects alike to collaborate and build the dynamic blockchain utilities of the future.

These collaborations and partnerships are not only poised to enhance the Zones ecosystem but also facilitate significant contributions from Coreum to the broader blockchain community, fostering a more interconnected and versatile digital landscape.

Standby, the future is exciting.

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