Become a Founders Zone

Purchase $LSX to establish a Founders Bonding Zone (FBZ) and get early access to our future Utility Zones (UBZ).

This is a limited time offer. A total of 200,000 LSX have been minted for our FBZ community.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Fill out the FBZ Whitelist form.
  2. You will be re-directed to Lunarspace’s centralized exchange.
  3. Connect your Leap (recommended) or Keplr wallet.
  4. Ensure your wallet holds at least $500 USD value of $CORE or $USDC.
  5. Use $COREUM or $USDC to purchase $LSX.

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FBZ Goal

The Lunarspace Foundation has minted a total of 200,000 LSX tokens to be purchased by our early supporters. Your LSX not only makes you a Founders Bonding Zone, but it also gives you access to the Utility Bonding Zone before public launch.

Lock-Up Period: To build a stored value and maintain price stability, your LSX will be locked in your Zones Bonding Pool for 6 months after the AlphaV.1 Launch of Zones.

Early Access to Your Utility Bonding Zone (UBZ)


Founders Zone Dashboard

Founders Zones get free access to monitor and manage LSX and Coreum tokens within the Founders Zone Dashboard hosted in your Utility Bonding Zone.

Utility Bonding Zone Features

Some of the following tooling, features, and utilities are currently in development or are on our official pre-launch development roadmap.

Utility Bonding Zones are designed to provide advanced web3 solutions for everyone; SMEs, NPOs, enterprises, individual investors, communities, and projects interested in enhancing their blockchain utilities and streamlining their community and investment operations.


Validator-as-a-Service (VaaS)

Efficiently create, manage, and monitor your Coreum Network Validator. Validation for alternative L1s and Relays are coming soon.

Privacy-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Manage community members, provide access, assign roles, and privatize your data with your zPaaS and sPaaS SBTs.

Smart Token Factory

Mint your own white-labeled HAMP smart token and leverage the protocol to power various operations like enabling voting power in your Intrazone DAO and designating custom HAMP rewards.

Intrazone and Outerzone DAO

Spin up your own customized Intrazone DAO powered by your own white-labeled HAMP token and contribute to the Outerzone DAO with the power of the LSX locked in your Zone Bonding Pool.

Dynamic Operational Features

Enjoy early, discounted access to customized operational feature sets like team collaboration portals, messaging boards, file-sharing and storage, API integrations, and any future operational tool or token utility.

Future Token Utility Programs

Create your own Zones utilities and processes. Offer them to the community via the Zones Utility Marketplace.

Tailor your own HAMP-curated AI/GPT models to provide efficiency for your Zone.

Leverage LSX to interact with L2s on the Coreum Network and the broader Interchain ecosystem (IBC).

Interact with other Zones within the ecosystem that allow public access and collaboration through their dPaaS SBT.

Founders Bonding Zone (FBZ) Features and Utilities

As a Founders Zone, you’re granted discounted access to your own Standard Zone platform before launch. Standard Zones come with the following operational features and utilities:


Decentralized Storage Solutions

Secure Data Storage:

Utilize decentralized databases for secure, scalable, and efficient storage.

Customizable Storage Options:

Tailor your storage solutions to meet your business’s specific needs, choosing from cloud-based, premise-based, or hybrid options.


Advanced Communication Tools

Comprehensive Communication Suite:

A wide array of communication tools including VOIP, email, video calling, and instant messaging.

Team and Client Portals:

Dedicated portals for team collaboration and client communication to streamline workflows and file sharing.


Enhanced Computation Capabilities

Decentralized Network Integration:

Access decentralized cloud services for flexible and powerful computing resources.

API Access and Customization:

Wide-ranging APIs for enhanced functionality and seamless integration with existing systems.


Simplified Workflow Automation

Automated Task Management:

Implement automated workflows, smart contracts, and task management for streamlined operations.

Customizable Dashboards:

Real-time insights into business operations with customizable dashboards.


HAMP Integration

Incentive Mechanisms:

Earn HAMP tokens through active engagement with the Zones environment, fostering productivity and innovation.

Rewards and Recognition:

Utilize HAMP tokens for employee rewards or convert to LSX for Bonding Pool rewards.


Utility Bonding Zone (UBZ)

Investment Dashboard:

Monitor and manage your LSX and Coreum investments. View performance, current value, and future projections with detailed analytics.

Bonding Pool Interaction:

Engage with your Bonding Pool and optimize your HAMP system for maximum LSX yield.

Benefits of Becoming a Founders Zone

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Early, Discounted Access to LSX Tokens

Secure your stake in the future of business operations with significantly discounted LSX tokens, offering a foundational advantage in the emerging Zones ecosystem.


Exclusive, Early Access to Your Utility Bonding Zone (UBZ)

Gain early entry and lifetime benefits in your own Utility Bonding Zone (UBZ): a Zones platform built to support your Coreum Network and IBC-related interactions and create blockchain utilities of your own.


Discounted Standard Zone Setup and Customization Fees

Gain early entry and special pricing for your customizable Standard Zone, ensuring your business is equipped with advanced tools and features ahead of the market.


Higher Yielding APY from the Lunarspace Foundation

Benefit from preferential APY rates for your bonded LSX tokens, maximizing your returns and supporting the growth and security of the Lunarspace ecosystem.


Exclusive DAO Influence and Future LSX Validator Delegations

Shape Lunarspace's future through the Outerzone DAO and earn rewards by early LSX token delegations, enhancing network security and your investment's growth.


Exclusive Access to Future Token Utility Pilot Programs

Continuous participation in the development and initial launch of new token utility programs, positioning your operations to leverage and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

The Trinity of Safety & Security

Our Founders Bonding Zones are developed with safety and security at their foundation. Lunarspace is continuously developing a security protocol with third-party systems to ensure our Bonding Zones are insured, fully-audited, and rigorously tested by various industry leaders to maintain global standards of decentralized finance and enterprise operational platforms.


Real-Time Web3 Security

Combatting Fraud in the Digital Landscape:

Employing cutting-edge, real-time solutions, we actively combat fraudulent activities within the digital currency sphere. Our system is meticulously designed to detect and thwart these threats, thereby protecting the integrity and security of your Founder’s Bonding Zones.

Proactive Crypto Threat Defense:

Our platform features robust, real-time defenses against the evolving threats in the crypto world. With self-protection capabilities at its core, Lunarspace’s mission is to fortify your operations against cybercriminals, ensuring the security of your digital assets and transactions.


ISO 20022 Certified Compliance

Enhanced Compliance with ISO 20022 Standards:

Our Bonding Zones are meticulously constructed on the Coreum blockchain, adhering to ISO 20022 standards. This compliance underscores our dedication to upholding the highest levels of data exchange and financial messaging standards. We prioritize secure, standardized processes, ensuring that all financial transactions and data within our ecosystem are managed with exceptional accuracy and security.


Founder’s Bonding Pool Insurance

Insurance Objectives for Bonding Pools:

At Lunarspace, we are unwaveringly committed to a ‘Trinity’ of Safety & Security. We are in active pursuit of developing a comprehensive insurance policy for assets stored within our ecosystem. Our goal is to achieve a level of financial protection akin to an “FDIC” coverage, offering peace of mind and security to our stakeholders by safeguarding their investments within the financial ecosystem.

Pre-Sale Guide

The Zones Ecosystem

Lunarspace's Zones: Powered by Coreum


At Lunarspace, we take data security and compliance seriously. We are proud to announce that Zones is ISO 20022 certified, ensuring the highest standards of data exchange and messaging in the financial industry. This certification signifies our commitment to maintaining secure and standardized processes across our platform, guaranteeing that your financial transactions and data are handled with the utmost precision and security. Rest easy, knowing that Zones adheres to the industry’s most rigorous international standards, providing you with a trusted and reliable ecosystem for your business operations.