CO-FOUNDER, COO & CFO – “Angel Seed Funder”

Achieving positive business results as a Chief Level Financial and Operational Executive through strategy creation and tactical implementation. An Executive/Business Owner with broad managerial, leadership, and multi-industry experience, P&L responsibility, business process development, and resource management for various operations and entities.

By following these core beliefs, I am an effective manager and leader that achieves positive outcomes and profitable results:
• Employee personal and professional development is a critical success factor.
• Goals and objectives must be in alignment with the vision and purpose of the organization.
• The organizational structure, business processes, and supporting technology must support the end-goal in mind.

I lead businesses poised for growth, companies requiring swift turnarounds, organizational change, and start-ups requiring proven / innovative leadership. Background includes extensive P&L management and “C” level experience in $100-$1000M privately held companies. Typically achieve >30% revenue / margin growth.