Matt Edenhofer, our CIO and a seasoned software architect, brings a wealth of experience to the team at Lunarspace. He has spent a long-time as a Senior Software Architect at Balboa Capital, where he developed a deep understanding of software engineering and cyber security. As the head of all technological systems at Lunarspace, Matt brings a high level of expertise to the company, ensuring that our systems are safe and secure, while still remaining efficient and user-friendly.

With a strong background in CRM and Saleslogix, Matt has a proven track record in designing and implementing effective software solutions. He is also an expert in, which means he has the skills and experience necessary to help us design and implement CRM systems that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

In addition to his technical skills, Matt is also a talented leader and communicator. He is experienced in public speaking and has a proven ability to guide teams of developers and engineers to achieve success. His leadership skills will be invaluable as he helps guide Lunarspace’s technology team in the development and implementation of new systems and features.