Transforming the way businesses engage, incentivize, and grow.

Discover how our two cornerstone elements, the $LSX token and the Human Activity Mining Protocol (HAMP), are revolutionizing employee engagement, operational efficiency, and the overall ZONES experience.

Work-to-Earn Reward Protocol

$LSX and HAMP, each unique in their own right, are the twin pillars driving the ZONES ecosystem. While $LSX unlocks a world of value and potential, and HAMP adds an extra layer of engagement and incentive. Together, they complement each other, creating a synergy that uplifts your organization and nurtures a culture of growth. As you utilize the platform’s web2 features, these tokens enhance your interactions, taking engagement to a whole new level.


Smart Token

The native reward token for the ZONES platform. $LSX is more than just a digital asset. Designed to fuel growth and incentivize platform interactions, $LSX empowers you to reward your team’s valuable contributions within the ZONES platform.

With every interaction, task completed, or milestone achieved, you’re creating value that translates into $LSX – the currency of success within your organization.


Smart Contract

The Human Activity Mining Protocol – the heartbeat of the ZONES platform. HAMP isn’t just about points; it’s about recognizing excellence and driving engagement.

As an innovative in-platform points system, HAMP captures your team’s meaningful contributions and transforms them into rewards. It’s a powerful way to inspire and motivate your workforce, encouraging them to excel and be recognized for their dedication.

How does Work-to-Earn work?

Earning $LSX and HAMP is as intuitive as your day-to-day operations within ZONES. As your team engages with the platform, they accumulate HAMP points – tangible proof of their contributions.

These points can be redeemed for $LSX, the digital asset that holds real-world value. It’s a seamless cycle of recognition, engagement, and reward, directly aligning success with your team’s efforts.

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How does $LSX derive value?

Earning HAMP

HAMP is earned through meaningful contributions within the ZONES platform. As your team engages with tasks, completes projects, and achieves milestones, their actions accumulate HAMP points, reflecting their dedication and excellence. The Lunarspace provides direct assistance in customizing the protocol to fit desired processes.

Using $LSX

Unlock a world of value with $LSX within the ZONES ecosystem. Here’s how you can leverage its potential:

Reward Excellence

Recognize and incentivize your team’s outstanding contributions by distributing $LSX tokens as rewards.

Seamless Transactions

Utilize $LSX for seamless transactions within the ZONES platform like making payments and rewarding employees.

Stake for Growth

Bond $LSX to your zone’s Bonding Pool, earning a potential APR while contributing to the platform’s growth.

Customizable Solutions

As the native token, $LSX can be used for future ventures and solutions within the Lunarspace ecosystem.

Get Started

Ready to explore the world of $LSX and HAMP? Dive into the ZONES platform to witness firsthand how these tokens are transforming the way businesses operate, engage, and grow. Discover a new dimension of recognition, incentivization, and value creation. Start your journey today and embark on a path to operational excellence, empowered by tokens designed with your success in mind.